Print spotting

I happened to check the Carter's website recently and I spotted my mermaid/sea creature print! It's not available for purchase just yet but I was so excited to see it that I just had to share! :D It's the first time I have seen my artwork used for something tangible.

EDIT: It's available now, just search 'mermaid' on the shop site ;)

Heres a close up:

Sleepy time prints

More sleepwear prints, yay! They're for sure my favorite thing to work on, I like to make my animals cute and goofy.  It's nice to explore different layouts and colors but my main goal is always to have fun with them!
I may also have a minor obsession with llamas and alpacas...
I simply can't resist their faces and buck teeth!

A few random animal characters

Well hello again

I haven't really blogged in a loooooong time! I've never been much of a writer.  It's been a weird year filled with lots of new experiences and trial and error.  I interned for 10 months over in Atlanta and am overall very proud of my accomplishments thus far and it was awesome to live out a part of my dream.  I now hope there are new and better things on the horizon for me.  :) I'm going to try my best to actually update this thing with some of the projects I had been working on, I'd also love to reconnect with some fellow Ringling-ers!