Senior Portrait

This is me. Hello! :)

Of beagles and basset hounds

I wanted to draw some silly portraits of my dogs, Chaps the beagle and Gino the basset hound!

Little World

These are a couple t-shirt designs I did for the last project of the semester, they were a lot of fun! ♥

Business Cards

I really love pink. A lot. So why not have fun business cards?

Play that funky music~

Animal Symphony
Here's a set of 10 musical animal alphabet flash cards, to help you learn your ABC's! I wanted to try something different, although I am still unsure about the outcome. I like a few of them. :)

Hello Pumpkin!


You're a real doll!

Doll examples

Doll dress up game page layout

Despite working hard on these I have very mixed feeling about it, but that's okay, it happens from time to time!

Greeting Cards/Valentines

Halloween Cards

Valentines Day Cards


Lil' Hoot Owls
Dino Party
Cats Cats Cats


Silly Trees

She & Him

Forest Friends

Girl Turnaround


While the Women are Sleeping